Level: ExpertTime: 5 minutes

Advanced typing test - 5 minutes

Welcome to the advanced typing practice application. This 5 minutes advance app is helpful to practice typing on long English words. So if you already practice on our basic typing test and practice app, it’s time to try our 5 minutes advanced typing test program.

What method to follow to make typing fast?

Touch typing is the only way to follow to type fast. It is a skill that allows you to use all of your fingers and type without looking at the keyboard. It is the only way to type as fast as a professional typist. That’s why all professional typists use this method. So if you want to type fast, learn the touch typing method first.

touch typing keyboard pattern

Several other factors also can speed up or slow down your typing. The keyboard can play a vital role in increasing your typing speed.

Membrane keyboards are widely used in desktops and laptops. Manufacturers prefer this as it helps them to make cheap computers. But if you focus on user experience and quality, a mechanical keyboard is always better than a membrane keyboard. When you press a key on a mechanical keyboard, it generates feedback. This feedback confirms the keypress and reduces typing errors. Also, generally, the build quality of a mechanical keyboard is far better than membrane keyboards.

Body posture can also affect typing speed. Setting correctly and using a height-adjustable chair can be helpful to boost up your typing.

Finally, make a schedule and practice typing regularly. Only regular exercise can help you to set your fingers on the proper keys. Keep practicing.