Level: BEGINNERTime: 1 minute

Typing speed test in English - 1 minute

Welcome to the primary online typing test application. It is the most accessible tool to test your typing speed and accuracy level. This application can examine your typing skill within a minute, so no matter if you are busy, this quick tool is always ready to help you.

Why should you use typing test 1 minute program?

There are several typing test online programs available on the internet. But most of them has a small range of words database, so this type of application can’t help you practice different key patterns of different words.

With over 2000 words database, our typing test software is the best quick typing test exercise on the internet. If you want to practice typing for a long time, we recommend you try our 5 minutes typing test app. If your typing speed is above average level, may try our advanced typing test application.

Before start practicing, we always recommend learning the touch typing method and acquire it. Touch typing is the fastest and most accurate typing method. All the professional typists use this method to type. So before practicing knowing all the rules of touch typing can help you to reach your target quickly.

What is touch typing or ten-finger typing?

Touch typing is a technique of typing where the typist uses all of their fingers to type. That’s why it is called ten fingers typing. But the most tricky part of it is, the typist needs to type without looking at the keyboard.

The typist memorizes the keys pattern of the keyboard and then starts to type without looking at the keyboard. This may feel very laborious, but this would be very easy for you if you understand the technique.

touch typing method

Follow this diagram whenever you practice. Remember to follow all the rules while practicing. Even initially, this method may make your typing slow; this eventually increases your typing speed a lot. So learn touch typing before using this typing speed test app to enhance your performance.