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Online Advanced Typing Test in English

Welcome to the online advanced typing test and practicing system. Here you can test your typing speed as well as improve it by practicing. It is a one-minute test program developed to check your performance quickly. To practice, we strongly recommend using our 5 minutes typing app. If you are a beginner, you should try the basic app, and once you are habituated with the key pattern can shift to the advanced application.

How to make your typing fast?

Typing is a skill, and to make it fast; you have to practice daily. No shortcut process can make you a fast typist within a few days. So be patient and keep practicing until you achieved the goal.

The first thing that you need is a goal. Set your goal according to your need. If you are a freshman, you should not target an extended plan. Make small targets, achieve them and then increase your limit. This way, you can quickly improve your typing skill.

The next thing that you should consider is following a proper schedule. It is essential to be dedicated and consistent in the job. You may practice for just one hour a day but keep the continuity. If you practice for a couple of days but forget the next day, you will never be a good typist. So keep practicing daily.

Lastly, the way you type. Like languages, typing also has grammar and a set of rules. It would be best if you understood it first. In the touch typing process, the typist uses all of their fingers to press the keys. Each key of a keyboard was designed to press by a particular finger. This thing is vital as properly using all of your fingers can only increase your typing speed.

touch typing method

See the diagram for a better understanding.