Level: BEGINNERTime: 5 minutes

Online typing test in English - 5 minutes typing test

Welcome to the 5 minutes online typing test app. In fact, it is more a typing practice app and less a typing speed test software. This program is specially designed for beginners to practice typing. With over 2500 English words database, it is the best typing practice app on the internet. But before using this test app, we are going to tell you the shortest way to type fast and accurately.

There is a guideline that could help you to type fast.

Use all of your fingers to type.

1. It is necessary to use all of the fingers to type. Using all of the fingers reduces finger movement time and enhances speed.

Follow the touch typing method.

2. Touch typing is a technique where the typist uses a particular finger to type a specific key. The typist memorizes the keyboard layout and types without looking at it. It is essential to follow this method to type fast like professionals.

Use the appropriate keyboard.

3. The keyboard is the only tool that uses directly to type. Using a mechanical full-sized keyboard could increase typing speed a little.

These are the basic rules that you should follow to make your typing faster. Now learn the touch typing method.

Learn The Touch Typing Method

touch typing method

As you can see in the diagram, each key has a dedicated finger. That means you can’t press any switch using any of your fingers. The “Q, A, Z” and “P, Semi-colon (;), Slash (/)” keys should be pressed by the tiny fingers. The “W, S, X” and “O, L, Full stop / Dot (.)” By ring fingers, “E, D, C” & “I, K, Comma(,)” keys by middle fingers and “R, F, V, T, G, B” & “U, J, M, Y, H, N” button should be pressed by your index fingers.

This is the fundamental rule of touch typing. Initially, this reduces your typing speed, but once you understand the process, the typing speed will increase day by day.