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Type Sinhalese language in UTF-8 format. We have tried to present you an online portal to type Sinhalese language. This is an unique and easy platform to write Sinhalese. To type "සින්හලෙසේ ලන්ගුඅගේ ට්ය්පින්ග්" just type "Sinhalese language typing" then hit space. Press Ctrl+g to toggle between English and Sinhalese.

Sinhalese language typing - සින්හලෙසේ ලන්ගුඅගේ

Sinhalese Typing Sinhalese or Sinhala is the main official language of Sri Lanka. It has over 16 million native speakers all over the Sri Lanka. This Sinhalese language played a major role in the development of Buddhist literature. Sinhala is very similler to Mahl language of Maldives and belong to Indo-Aryan language family.

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